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Information "FH Joanneum"
The University of Applied Sciences, FH Joanneum, provides FH-degree programmes in the fields of economy and technology, computer sciences and design, mobility as well as social services and health care. Within the sector of design and IST, the programmes and research groups of Industrial Design, Internet Technologies, Information Management and Information Design are the most relevant. Apart from subject-oriented contents, the courses offered by FH Joanneum also emphasize character-forming contents to enable graduates to solve practical problems encountered in their respective professions on a holistic basis.

In the Information Design programme we are concerned with the planning and implementation of interactions with information objects. This involves solving many problems in interaction design and human-computer interface development. In particular, we focus on integrating the visual, textual and aural components of these environments into a "look and feel" aimed at producing specific reactions or effects in targeted users. Following the first 4 semesters of basic education where special emphasis is laid on a theoretical foundation, the students must choose a major. At present, "Communication & Environmental Design", "Interaction & Media Design" and "Usability & Web Engineering" are provided. Our research group explores issues in aesthetics, cognitive science, exhibition scenography, information visualization and usability.
Technikum Joanneum GmbH
Fachhochschul-Studiengang Informations-Design
Alte Poststraße 152, A-8020 Graz
phone: +43 (0)316 5453 8600
fax: +43 (0)316 5453 8601

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