ncc 48


ncc48 - netART community congress     people     Maia Engeli / Kerstin Hoeger     "open source" net art: projects, processes, products
Topic "opensource / free software"
"open source" net art: projects, processes, products
Networked environments provide the framework for new collaborative strategies as exemplified by the "open source/ free software" movement and net art projects. The sharing and shaping of each other's ideas, preferences, and designs as well as the openness to reactions and input from a wide audience are essential characteristics of the "open source" strategy. The "open source" participatory approach also reflects the mechanism of cultural changes making it appropriate for artistic and even political processes.
Representative "open source" net art projects, computer mediated processes for creative collaboration and specific characteristics of "open source" products will be highlighted in the talk.
Text: Maia Engeli, Kerstin Hoeger

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