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Topic "open source / free software"
With Maia Engeli, Kerstin Hoeger, Jaromil, Ulli Meybohm, Richard M. Stallman and Erich Stamberger.
October, 25th 2:00 pm through 6:00 pm pm CEST
open source / free software
New working methods and development processes for net art projects
The application of open source models on the internet in "net" architecture & "net" art may well be one of the most innovative scenarios for the future and will radically change the current situation.
These new working methods and development processes on the internet will allow a new generation of projects as far as authorship, creative dimension and input as well as unexpected project results are concerned. Individual pieces of work by individual protagonists or groups of artists will be replaced by discursive forums and artistic practices. As open source models leave all power in the hands of their users and developers, the actual evolvement of such models will depend on process-type decisions and changes.
Second only to programmers and hackers developing free software, the artists and media theorists are certainly one of the groups that has most perseveringly and reflectingly investigated the specific properties of the internet. But how compatible is the "open source model", with all its guidelines ("open source definition") and as a working model, with net art projects?
How could the further development of "free net art" be conceived in analogy to the development of "free software"?
These and other questions are the basis of a panel that will bring programmers and hackers, net artists and media theorists together to discuss the impacts of such models on the social and cultural space of the internet as well as corresponding net art projects.
Concept: ortlos architects (Andrea Schröttner)

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