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Station Rose Str-Live
At their live performances, Station Rose creates "a virtual room within a room" by means of sound and projection surfaces. This room consists exclusively of beams and projection surfaces onto which visuals are thrown. These images are downloaded and edited live on the computer. The live music consists of sound samples from the digital archive of Station Rose which are combined into compositions on the sequencer. The techno live artist moves his studio to the "stage" for the performance and creates new variations on his sequences, new tones, temporal structures and loops in realtime.
The style of music is best described as psychedelic techno.

With ISDN, a realtime connection is created with the internet & the e-mail network "the well" in california, of which Station Rose has been a member since 1991. This network allows users around the globe to participate in the event. A cu see me connection with various people worldwide is set up. Changes will take place during the performance, thereby changing the aesthetics of the virtual light space; information will flow through the internet onto the walls illuminated with computer emissions. The networking process can be observed on the projection surfaces as a further optical element.
Established in 1993, Station Rose 's GUNAFA Label ranks among Germany's most advanced multimedia labels. Through the "native use" of communication media like the Internet, CD-ROM and CDplus, its makers Elisa Rose & Gary Danner create complex digital Gesamtkunstwerke in the course of multimedia jam-sessions.
Station Rose

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