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The Old Boys Network
The Old Boys Network (OBN) came together in summer of 1997, to build up the first international cyberfeminist alliance on- and offline. Basing itself on the commitment to multiple and mutual cooperations as well as the idea of a policy of dissent, the Old Boys Network (OBN) works through personal and media-based networks, thereby developing and practising a variety of cyberfeminist strategies in the field of gender and electronic media. In addition to their daily work on theories, practices, esthetics and politics of cyberfeminism(s), the active members of the Old Boys Network (OBN) aim to develop different formats for the distribution and exchange of information and ideas.

As well as maintaining the OBN homepage ( and a mailing list, OBN regularly organizes live presentations, lectures, workshops, and symposia for face-to-face-exchange, including conferences like the First Cyberfeminist International (Kassel/Germany, September 1997, in the context of Hybrid Workspace at documenta X), and the Next Cyberfeminist International (Rotterdam and Amsterdam/NL, March 1999, in the context of Next Five Minutes Festival).
Text: Verena Kuni
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